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Mister Wristband

IN Stock Face Masks: Superior Quality, Incredible Designs

Mister Wristband factories are usually busy this time of year manufacturing compression arm sleeves are other sports accessories.
However, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, our factory has shifted gears and are now manufacturing the absolute finest quality Face Masks for you, your business and your family.

Our factory is operating 24 hours a day, three shifts, to keep up with demand and we are producing thousands of top quality face masks each day.

Our masks are double lined for better protection, BUT the difference in our masks and others is our masks also have an inner pouch where a disposable filter can be inserted. Making THREE LAYERS OF PROTECTION!

Our masks are reusable, machine washable, breathable and absolutely comfortable to wear.

We have over 100 designs in stock and can even customize your very own masks. Business logos, special designs, religious, humorous, whatever you want, we can create it for you.

Order 1 mask or 1 million masks, no order to small or too big!

Visit our online store today to see the selection and do your part to help STOP THE SPREAD

Clink the link below to visit our store now!

Custom TEAM Arm Sleeves - Same Day Service

Order your Custom Team Sleeve Today!

No more wearing tired old sleeves everyone else is wearing!  Now you can outfit your team with Custom Team Sleeves, in your colors, your logo, and each of your players individual names and/or numbers.

Call today for SAME DAY SERVICE

Custom Sleeves are $20 each, or a pair for same player for $35

No art charge or set up fee EVER!

Call today for details 405-626-8998

Team Logo Dog Tags w/ Player name and number

Order now for your entire team or individual player

Call for details (405) 626-8998

Coolest New Products from Mister Wristband. Compression sleeves help keep arm muscles ready for action, and they look cool as well. Look for them now at most Mister Wristband mobile events and soon in our online store!

Order Your Team Sign/Banner Today!

Mister Wristband "Big Hit" with players at Triple Crown Slump Buster Tournament 2014, thousands of players in Omaha now wearing our new Digital Camo Compression Sleeves

Players on both teams wearing their Mister Wristband Numbered Wristbands at the Lubbock Texas Tournament. Photo courtesy of Rudy Rivera

Don't even try stealing on this catcher. Sporting his Mister Wristband Number 25 Wristbands while gunning out all who dare to even try stealing. Photo courtesy of Rudy Rivera

Soccer Players also love wristbands from Mister Wristband

Mister Wristband Numbered Wristbands, in 15 different colors, were all the rage at the Lubbock Texas Tournament recently. This guy looks great in his Navy and Columbia Blue #4's

Players from Texas playing in OK-TX Shoot Out grabbed a set of Mister Wristbands

Mister Wristband Mobile Unit 100

Some players love to mix and match their colors, others like both wristbands the same color. This "beast with a bat" is too cool with his Navy and Orange #12's

Team from Stillwater Tournament flashing their new Wristbands

Always crowds around the Mister Wristband Mobile units wherever they go

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If its cool, it came from Mister Wristband

Mister Wristband at the 2014 Triple Crown Slump Buster Tournament in Omaha

Mister Wristband is famous all across the country for many things.

Mostly for our very cool products that kids just go crazy for. Our set up is unique, very professional, and attracts a crowd wherever we go.

Our products are what set us apart.  If its comes from Mister Wristband. But don't let the name fool you, we are more than just wristbands, a lot more.

Wristbands with players numbers

Titanium Sport Triple Braid Necklaces

Hanging Digits (very cool player numbers which are added to necklaces)

Digital Camo Compression Arm Sleeves (25 different designs)

Braided Headbands (for the ladies)

Eye Black with players numbers

and much more.

When you see a Mister Wristband mobile unit at a sports facility near you, check us'll be glad you did.

Remember, if its being worn by athletics, and its cool, it came from Mister Wristband.

Whether its baseball, softball, soccer, football, basketball or any sporting event, Mister Wristband is there.

Check out our web site, see where Mister Wristband will be next, and if you operate a sporting event and would to see about bringing Mister Wristband to your next event, give us a call......the kids will love it.....and so will moms and dads.

Mister Wristband

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